Apogee Semiconductor technology creates products that improve the cost performance and balance of radiation-hardened and high-reliability semiconductors, bridging the gap between commercial and high reliability.

Rad-Flex™ Logic

Rad-Flex™ is an evolution in semi-custom RHA logic products. It is our unique ability to rapidly develop logic devices from our already existing rad-hard assured silicon substrates.

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TalRad™ Process Design Kit

Apogee Semiconductor partnered with TSI, a category 1A trusted foundry, to create the Transistor-Adjusted-Layout for Radiation (TalRad™) Process Design Kit (PDK) in TSI’s 180nm CMOS high-voltage process.

Using TalRad™, Apogee Semiconductor can develop innovative products and upgrade existing devices rapidly and cost-effectively.

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Start Now and Accelerate Your Designs!

Start your rad-hard designs now with the TalRad™ PDK and reduce your time to market!

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