TalRad™ Process Design Kit

The Transistor-Adjusted-Layout for Radiation (TalRad™) Process Design Kit (PDK) is a rad-hard process design methodology that improves the radiation performance of commercial process technologies. Now available!

Benefits of the TalRad PDK

  • Up to 10x improvement in TID performance*
  • Little to no design size penalty
  • Minimal process integration effort
  • Standard transistor look and feel
  • The TalRad™ transistor can be over 5 times smaller than their Annular counterparts for the longer channel lengths necessary for precision matching and high gain.
  • The TalRad™ techniques can be implemented in any CMOS or BCD foundry to improve the radiation tolerance of bulk or shallow-trench-isolated silicon processes.
  • Implementing TalRad™ includes the development of design-rule-checker and layout-vs-schematic rule decks, PCELLs and characterizing the radiation performance and reliability of the new components.

*compared to standard PDK components

What’s Included

The TalRad™ PDK includes:

  • Annular 1.8V and 5V Transistors
    • Enclosed gate transistors that reduce the total ionizing dose (TID) induced leakage in the field oxide region of MOSFETs
    • Suitable for 300krad(Si) applications
  • TalRad™ 1.8V and 5V Transistors
    • Modified transistors that reduce the TID induced leakage with minimal size impact compared to annular transistors
    • Reduced size and capacitance and improved performance compared to annular transistors
    • Designed for precision analog applications
    • Lower quiescent current
    • Suitable for 75krad(Si) applications
    • Radiation performance can be increased for more demanding applications
  • TalRad™ ESD Cells
    • Class II 4kV ESD, 300krad(Si) radiation tolerance
  • Roadmap devices and PDK improvements as they become available
    • TID resilient 50V laterally-diffused MOSFET (LDMOS)
    • 100-150 krad(Si) capable TalRad™ transistors
    • 3.3V annular and TalRad™ transistors

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