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Apogee Semiconductor has a team of very experienced design, systems and process engineers who are taking a different, smarter, approach to radiation hardened by design (RHBD) IC design, verification, test and manufacturing.  We are rapidly growing our portfolio to provide a comprehensive suite of products and superior value to our customers. 

Mission Statement

We strive to be the premier supplier of radiation hardened power, analog and mixed signal ICs.


Company Values

Perform with Integrity: Always do what you say and do what’s right. Continually earn trust and respect from customers and team members.

Never Settle: Perform with excellence and always look for ways to improve. Listen and learn from others and be open and receptive to feedback.

Always Deliver: Customers depend on us to deliver on time, every time. We understand that we are an important part of a customer’s complex supply chain and we will never take that for granted. 

Executive Team

Anton Quiroz

Chief Executive Officer

Anton has over 15 years of experience in the semiconductor industry and over a decade in the aerospace and defense industry. He has held various management positions at Cobham Advanced Electronics Solutions and at Texas Instruments.

Mark Hamlyn

Chief Technology Officer

Mark has over 12 years of experience in the semiconductor industry of which more than 10 years were dedicated to architecting and designing integrated circuits for the aerospace and defense industry.

Imelda Donnelly

Chief Science Officer

Imelda (Emily) has over 35 years of experience in the development of semiconductor process technologies.

David Grant

Vice President of Engineering

David Grant has worked professionally as an Electronics Engineer for 34 years. In that time, he has been a digital systems engineer, analog systems engineer, test engineer, IC designer, IC lead, design manager and a director in charge of IC development.

Extended Leadership Team

Todd McMullin

Vice President of Quality Assurance

Todd has over 35 years of experience in the semiconductor industry of which more than 25 years were dedicated to product quality assurance, reliability, and failure analysis of semiconductor components, boards, and systems used in the commercial, industrial, automotive, medical, aerospace, and defense industries.

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Apogee Semiconductor
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