Introducing Rad-Flex Logic

Rad-Flex™ is an evolution in cost-effective, rapid development, semi-custom RHA logic products.

Introducing Rad-Hard Integrated Circuits for Small Satellites

The AP54RHC family of products are built for maximum reliability and area savings for space and other extreme environments.

Go to Market Faster with TalRad™ PDK

Leverage our rad-hard process design kit and building blocks in a commercially available 180nm CMOS process.

Improve Your Design with the most advanced logic on or off this planet

Apogee Semiconductor’s rad-hard TalRad™ Integrated Circuits are designed for space missions’ rugged environments with built-in triple-redundancy, cold-sparing, and power-on reset.

The only rad-hard wide-range level translator

Apogee Semiconductor’s AP54RHC504 and AP54RHC505 translates up or down from 1.8V to 5V logic levels in a compact package.

Technology for this world and beyond.

Apogee Semiconductor provides products and technologies for space and other extreme environments.

We are focused on making the frontier of space more accessible by bridging the technology gap between commercial and high-reliability technologies at a lower cost. We provide optimized products and infrastructure that give you the best in reliability and value. 

Our products and services are targeted towards enabling small-satellites and large constellations that require high performance, a small form factor and radiation resilience at a lower cost.

Working in partnership with state-of-the art semiconductor foundries, Apogee Semiconductor develops radiation hardened processes and components that serve as the foundation for our cutting-edge integrated circuits and IP blocks.

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Apogee Semiconductor at SEE/MAPLD 2023

Date: May 15-19, 2023 Location: La Jolla, CA Apogee Semiconductor will be exhibiting at the 32nd Single Event Effects (SEE) Symposium coupled with the Military and Aerospace Programmable Logic Devices (MAPLD) Workshop.  Visit our booth to learn about our latest...

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