Radiation Hardened Quad 2-input AND Gate

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Product Overview

The AP54RHC08 is a radiation-hardened by design Quad 2-Input AND gate that is ideally suited for space, medical imaging, high-energy physics and other applications demanding radiation tolerance and high reliability. It is fabricated in a 180 nm CMOS process utilizing proprietary radiation-hardening techniques, delivering high resiliency to single-event effects (SEE) and to a total ionizing dose (TID) up to 30 krad (Si).

This device is a member of the Apogee Semiconductor AP54RHC logic family operating across a voltage supply range of 1.65 V to 5.5 V.

Zero-power penalty™ cold-sparing is supported, along with Class 2 ESD protection on all inputs and outputs. A proprietary output stage and robust power-on reset (POR) circuit allow the AP54RHC08 to be cold-spared in any redundant configuration with no static power loss on any pad of the device. The redundant output stage also features a high drive capability with low static power loss.

The AP54RHC08 also features a triple-redundant design throughout its entire circuitry, which allows it to be immune to single-event transients (SET) without requiring additional redundant devices.

This device provides four instances of the Boolean logical function AND (Y = A·B).

  • Inputs tolerant up to 5.5 VDC at any VCCA or VCCY
  • Bus hold circuitry
  • Extended operating temperature range (-55 °C to +125 °C)
  • Proprietary cold-sparing capability with zero static power penalty
  • Built-in triple redundancy for enhanced reliability
  • Internal low-loss power-on reset (POR) circuitry ensures reliable power up and power down responses during hot plug and cold sparing operations
  • Tri-state output drivers
  • Class 2 ESD protection (4000 V HBM, 500 V CDM)
  • TID resilience of 30 krad (Si) or 300 krad (Si)
  • SEL resilient up to LET 80 MeV-cm2/mg
  • MEO/GEO Satellites
  • Deep Space Exploration
  • Glue Logic


Part NumberPedigreePackagePinsSize (mm)Lead FinishTID [krad (Si)]SEL [MeV/mg/cm2] RFQPurchase
AP54RHC08ELT-WEvaluationTSSOP146.50×5.11×0.94SnPb 30 80 Contact UsContact Us
AP54RHC08ALT-TFlightTSSOP146.50×5.11×0.94SnPb3080Contact UsContact Us

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