Radiation Hardened 5-Channel Level Translator with Bus Holds

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Product Overview

The AP54RHC505 is a radiation-hardened by design 5-channel level translator with 3-state outputs and bus holds that is ideally suited for space, medical imaging, high-energy physics and other applications demanding radiation tolerance and high reliability. It is fabricated in a 180 nm CMOS process utilizing proprietary radiation-hardening techniques, delivering high resiliency to single-event effects (SEE) and to a total ionizing dose (TID) up to 30 krad (Si).

This device is a member of the Apogee Semiconductor AP54RHC logic family. All members of this family operate across a full 1.65 V to 5.5 V range providing the system designer flexibility in logic-level interfaces. The AP54RHC505 can operate across this range on both of its supply voltage inputs, VCCA and VCCY.

An output enable control pin allows the outputs to be placed in a high impedance (high-Z) state, simplifying usage in applications with shared busses or mixed power domains. Additionally, the outputs are placed in high-Z when VCCA is not present, ensuring that no loading or leakage paths are experienced at the output nodes when the input rail is not powered.

Zero-power penalty™ cold-sparing is supported, along with Class 2 ESD protection on all inputs and outputs. A proprietary output stage and robust power-on reset (POR) circuit allow the AP54RHC505 to be cold-spared in any redundant configuration with no static power loss on any pad of the device. The redundant output stage also features a high drive capability with low static power loss.

The AP54RHC505 also features a triple-redundant design throughout its entire circuitry, which allows it to be immune to single-event transients (SET) without requiring additional redundant devices.

  • Inputs tolerant up to 5.5 VDC at any VCCA or VCCY
  • Bus hold circuitry
  • Extended operating temperature range (-55 °C to +125 °C)
  • Proprietary cold-sparing capability with zero static power penalty
  • Built-in triple redundancy for enhanced reliability
  • Internal low-loss power-on reset (POR) circuitry ensures reliable power up and power down responses during hot plug and cold sparing operations
  • Tri-state output drivers
  • Class 2 ESD protection (4000 V HBM, 500 V CDM)
  • TID resilience of 30 krad (Si) or 300 krad (Si)
  • SEL resilient up to LET 80 MeV-cm2/mg
  • LEO Constellations
  • Small satellites
  • Medical Imaging


Part NumberPedigreePackagePinsBurn-InLead FinishTID kRad (Si)SEL MeV/mg/cm2RFQPurchase
AP54RHC505ELT EvaluationTSSOP14NoSnPb 30 80 Contact Us



AP54RHC505BLTFlightTSSOP14NoSnPb3080Contact Us



AP54RHC505ALTFlightTSSOP14YesSnPb3080Contact UsContact Us

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