Plano, Texas — Apogee Semiconductor, a provider of technologies and products for space and other extreme environments, announced today their TalRad™ Process Design Kit is available for evaluation. The Transistor-Adjusted-Layout for Radiation (TalRad™) Process Design Kit (PDK) is a rad-hard process design methodology that improves the radiation performance of commercial process technologies, enabling the rapid creation of rad-hard designs in a fraction of the time and effort. Apogee Semiconductor and TSI Semiconductors have partnered to implement TalRad™ radiation hardened process design kit in TSI’s 180nm CMOS high-voltage silicon process.

Our products and services are targeted towards enabling small-satellites and large constellations that require high performance, small form factors and radiation resilience at a lower cost,” stated Anton Quiroz, CEO. “We partnered with TSI Semiconductors to implement TalRad™ to increase the TID (Total Ionizing Dose) performance of the baseline process by up to 10x, with little to no design performance penalties or process integration effort. The implementation of TalRad™ PDK includes the development of design-rule-checker and layout-vs-schematic rule decks, PCELLs and characterizing the radiation performance and reliability of the new components.”

It has been exciting to work with TSI Semiconductors to implement a rad-hard process that will make it significantly easier for IC designers to create cutting edge technologies for the space industry. We look forward to a continued partnership with TSI,” continued Quiroz.

This strategic partnership with Apogee will enable system designers to produce RAD Hard technology across a wide range of products for logic, HV, RF, analog, and mix signal applications.” Now that the Apogee TalRad PDK is implemented and silicon qualified in our foundry, this technology can be evaluated using our MPW shuttle program prior to product qualification across a wide range of RAD Hard market segments, said Wilbur Catabay, SVP of TSI Corporate Strategy.”

Contact Apogee Semiconductor if you are interested in an evaluation license for the TalRad™ rad-hard PDK.

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TallannQuest LLC DBA Apogee Semiconductor has been developing rad-hard IC design tools and processes since 2014. It has a team of very experienced design, systems and process engineers who are taking a different and smarter approach to radiation-hardened-by-design (RHBD) IC design, verification, test and manufacturing. Their rapidly growing portfolio provides a comprehensive suite of products and superior value to their customers.,, 972-559-4660.

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TSI Semiconductors is a world-class semiconductor technology development and production volume CMOS foundry company who is the ideal partner for a wide range of IC projects. Located in close proximity to our customers’ design and engineering teams, we are driving innovation closer to the heart of Silicon Valley.

At our 8-inch Roseville, California site, we provide an array of versatile process technologies that include analog/mixed-signal, deep-submicron, high-voltage BCDMOS, and solutions such as novel materials structures and devices. Specialized foundry services include automotive-grade, high-voltage BCDMOS, and technology capabilities utilizing novel materials, structures and devices. TSI is a Trusted DMEA Accredited, Category 1A SECRET Facility Security Clearance, ITAR, AS 9100, IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001 pure play Foundry.

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