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David Grant

Vice President of Engineering

David Grant has worked professionally as an Electronics Engineer for 34 years. In that time, he has been a digital systems engineer, analog systems engineer, test engineer, IC designer, IC lead, design manager and a director in charge of IC development. For the last 23 years, David has worked in the IC industry- first at Texas Instruments and then at FINsix Corporation (a small silicon valley startup).

At Texas Instruments, David designed and led designs for LDOs, PCMCIA switches, POL buck controllers, integrated FET buck converters, integrated IF transceivers and a re-configurable, mixed signal power control IC platform. He was also an active member of meetings to guide the development of BCD silicon processes at Texas Instruments for feature sizes from 2um through 1um, 0.7um,0.25um, 180nm and 130nm.

At FINsix, David hired and ran the entire IC department, while also performing the role of technical lead on the custom ASICs required by the company. He also acted as the main contact with silicon foundries and packaging companies.

David has 28 granted patents and a legacy of dozens of successful, high yielding IC products released.

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